Karen from Seattle 16.04.2020 I highly, highly recommend working with Petra. This powerful form of healing that can be done remotely combines Shamanism, Qigong, Image Medicine and over 30 years of Petra’s mastery and integration. I and many of my family members have worked with Petra over the years with phenomenal results. My mother had a very intense accident while hiking that smashed her jaw. Her doctors told her there was no way to bring her jaw bones back into alignment. Petra then did her ImageChange healing work on my Mom and in a few days when my Mom went to see her doctor again, he could not believe the alignment of her bones!!! She was told she’d never be able to chew or bite into food normally again, and she does.

I have so many examples. More than a decade ago, my heart was so torn between being in love with two different men in two different places. I was so divided inside, I could not find a way to move forward and it was extremely painful. When I finally came to my resolve to make a choice to find peace within me and move on, I contacted Petra. In her session, she did a soul retrieval, among other techniques, and I felt a new level of wholeness and peace emerge from my heart. I was able to move on. And I still to this day am good friends with those men, and am also married to another man, my Beloved.  

Just recently I had an accident with my dear 2 year old son. In playing in bed he jumped backward, throwing his head back and his head landed right on my left eye, breaking my orbital bone. He was okay but I needed quite a bit of healing. Petra’s session was deeply nourishing and healing for both me and my son. Miraculously my eye ball is okay (no permanent damage) and I did not need surgery for the orbital blow-out break. This truly is a miracle and I am almost all healed (6 weeks later now :)). 

That very same day I had my accident, my twin sister had multiple heart attacks. My Mom contacted Petra to do a healing for her as well. My sister could have passed on that day, but she is with us and will recover. She had a tear in one of her arteries and it is the type of heart damage that can recover and Petra’s healing was pivotal to how well she is doing today. I am so grateful!!!

I could go on, but I’ll conclude here by saying I highly recommend Petra. I have worked with her for 15 years and her healing works miracles with our body, heart and soul’s innate intelligence and healing capacity.I love you, Petra!!! Karen from Seattle 16.04.2020