About me

Petra Groschupf was born in FĂĽrstenfeldbruck in 1959. Happily married 3 children and 5 grandchildren. At the age of 5 years first out of body experiences
In 1988, I started researching soul states with an original yoga by Patanjali

1990 Training as an alternative practitioner -1992 for her own naturopathic practice.
1990-2016 I gave seminars in kinesiology and shamanic awareness.
In 2000 I started to successfully support entrepreneurs
From 1999 to 2009, I privately sold and bought real estate with a lot of love
I found my dream house in 2009 and it is my heart’s desire to help many people too.

In 2013 I founded my own real estate company to support people with sales and purchases with heart and social skills
In 2019 I started brokering precious metals to support people in their retirement plans.

By researching human being with various techniques from kinesiology, shamanic travel, qigong, quantum physics, I was able to develop a unique method to solve blockages on an energetic, emotional level.
It is always important to me personally to achieve concrete results in people’s lives in order to enable them to have a happy life.
Reconnecting with the soul, as the universe intended for us, is my motivation for ImageChange