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#GlücksInterview Petra Groschupf

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What does ImageChange and where does it comes from ?

ImageChange is an energetic, solution-oriented method that connects the level of reality with spirituality.
ImageChange serves to find meaning in life and to explore the meaning behind the suffering of people and thus the resolution of suffering.
It promotes the personal development of each individual and gives meaning to life in the here and now.
The soul senses blockages that are in the past and are resolved, making more energy available for new goals.

ImageChange developed from the research of soul states.
The experiences from the applications of shamanic travel, meditation, Zhong Yuan Qigong, kinesiology, osteopathy helped me to understand people in their complexity.
The core of ImageChange is the connection of the spiritual world with the physical, rational world.

It is very important to me to help people integrate and develop their spiritual abilities and to promote the growth of consciousness.
Leaving this world in joy and love is my personal contribution with ImageChange